The Problem

Hallmark Card’s employees were using compressed air to dislodge cardboard dust/fibres and decoration debris from inaccessible parts of machines so that it could be vacuumed-up. These operations were part of good housekeeping practices performed to ensure effective running of machinery and maintenance of product quality control. Although Hallmark’s use of compressed air had very strict controls to ensure safety, there was still some element of residual risk.

The Solution

At its Bradford factory, Hallmark Cards has introduced blower powered units to replace compressed air for cleaning its card manufacturing machinery. The reason for the switch is to enhance safety practices in line with Health & Safety requirements.

Dave Perrett, Setter Training Manager, Hallmark Cards:

“We wanted to eliminate the use of compressed air from machine cleaning duties for health and safety reasons. We took an ACI JetBlack on trial and subsequently ordered 15 units, which says it all as regards our satisfaction with the product.”

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