The Problem

Lafarge Cauldon cement plant is one of the largest cement manufacturing sites in the UK producing 1.3 Million Tonnes of cement every year. The workforce can come into contact with dust that settles on the overalls, requiring the overalls to be cleaned more frequently. Currently Lafarge do not have any means of cleaning onsite apart from using compressed air. Compressed air is readily available but can cause air to enter the bloodstream, this can be fatal. During one of their monthly safety meetings, Lafarge identified a need for an alternative and safe practice.

The Solution

To help reduce the problem of having dust transferred to the offices and to keep employees clean, Lafarge chose to install a number of JetBlack Wall Mounted blower’s on a 30 second timer. The units are located at the entrance to the buildings. This is to allow employees to de-dust themselves whenever required and before entering the buildings.

Installation of JetBlack blowers has reduced the amount of dust entering buildings and is a safer alternative to compressed air. It has also been used to clean equipment, bags, and tools. A 30 second timer is installed which has an added benefit of saving power when the device is not in use.

The JetBlack cleaning system uses low pressure air to remove dust. This is a safer way to keep relatively clean without putting yourself at risk of using compressed air. They are easy to use and have a 1.5m hose to allow all areas of the overalls to be cleaned.

Is Dust Getting In Your Way?

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