Meeting OSHA Standards for Dedusting and Clean-down Operations with ACI’s JetBlack

The intended purpose of ACI’s blower-powered JetBlack Cleaning Station is to give companies a safe and effective tool for dedusting and clean down of their workwear and PPE equipment. The JetBlack offers employers complete piece of mind as any dangers posed by compressed air are immediately removed. But is the JetBlack OSHA compliant, and if it is, how does it achieve this?

Regulated by OSHA, compressed air is still used for cleaning off clothing and parts of the body – but is it really safe?

One example of how OSHA regulations can be severely compromised is demonstrated when workers may choose to use a compressed air gun/nozzle to remove dust and debris from clothing and/or exposed skin. Compressed air tools are of course commonplace on factory floors, and to workers a compressed air gun may be the quickest and most […]